Personal Statements

Writing an excellent personal statement is a very different task than writing an excellent essay for an English or History class, and different skills are required for high school students entering college, undergraduate transfer applicants, and graduate school candidates. I can…

… creatively work with you from brainstorming possible topics through multiple first and final drafts.

… advise on appropriateness of an already-chosen topic, effectiveness of presentation in an early draft, and how your final version will be perceived by actual Admissions Committee readers.

… knowledgeably assess how well your essay answers the given question or prompt.

… advise on any missing elements.

… express an experienced opinion as to how well an essay will set you as a candidate apart from other applicants.

…suggest possible enrichment of vocabulary, how to avoid word duplication, pomposities, clichés, mundanities, etc.

…effectively assist in reducing overly-long essays to fit the required word limit.

Please Note: I will not extensively re-word, re-write or re-organize personal statements, and you should certainly not plan to hire anyone who will. It is vitally important that this writing fully reflects your own work. I will however, be glad to suggest instances where re-wording, re-writing or re-organizing seems necessary to more effectively convey your thoughts, and I will make every effort to help you find your own true “voice” in which to most effectively convey your strengths and interests.

Personal Statement Workshops

A detailed overview of the process in the voice of someone who’s been there. Tips on how most effectively to prepare to write, write, revise, re-revise, polish and submit a well-crafted application essay. Presentation is easily tailored to either approaching Freshmen, Transfer or Graduate-level application candidates.

Academic Essay Advising

I can advise on every aspect of academic essay writing, and am especially able to assist ESL students as they become comfortable writing in a new and very complicated language.

Scholarship and Fellowship Application Advising

Having served on both graduate and undergraduate-level scholarship and admission committees, I am well-qualified to offer candid and experienced advice about every aspect of the process.

Thesis and Dissertation Assistance

Depending on subject matter, I am fully prepared to copy-edit or proof-read well-developed documents. Minor suggestions can be made relating to content, clarity and readability. Often more importantly, enthusiastic cheerleading during the difficult preparation process is readily available!