Rest assured (and he is really an expert at resting, believe me) that our regular staff consists only of my loyal dog Max, an 85-pound Yellow Lab who is in charge of recycling, enforcing regular snack and exercise breaks, shedding shredding confidential documents, providing vigilant round-the-clock guard service for work in process, and maintaining the spirits of hard-working Editor and Writing Consultant, Carroll.

At such times as it appears that Carroll has become completely oblivious to the clock, Max is also responsible for alerting an extremely supportive, faithful and reliable on-call assistant named Jim whose vital job is to feed both Max and himself in a timely manner on those occasions when duty calls.

The only person who will see and review your work is me. Confidentiality is both assumed and assured, although I am happily willing to sign any standard non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement you may wish to provide.

If my schedule is such that I am unable to provide the service you are requesting in a timely manner, I may be able to refer you to a limited number of colleagues with whom you would then be responsible to communicate directly.